W.A. Harbinson W.A. Harbinson Bibliography Complete works, fiction and non-fiction Dates : 0000 to Present.
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Writing as W. A. Harbinson. Projeckt Saucer series

    Projekt Saucer I: Inception (1991)

    Projekt Saucer II: Phoenix (1995)

    Projekt Saucer III: Genesis (1980)

    Projekt Saucer IV: Millennium (1995)

    Projekt Saucer V: Resurrection (1999)

Other novels

    The Running Man (1967/2016)

         Filmed as The City's Edge (1983)

    Instruments of Death (1973)


(US title: None But the Damned)

    Knock (1975)

    Meat (1975)

    No Limit for Charlie (1977)

    The Oil Heist (1978)

    Strykers Kingdom (1979)

    Deadlines (1981)

    Revelation (1982)

    Otherworld (1984)

    The Light of Eden (1987)

    The Lodestone (1989)

    Dream Maker (1991)

    Departures (1996)

    The Crystal Skulls (1997)

    Eden (1998)

    Into the World of Might Be (2008)

    One Thing to Know (2012) 

    Lagan River, Black Mountain        Volume 1 - The Long Slide (2010)        Volume 2 - Divide and Rule (2016)     I Am TC (2015)     The Wilson Papers (2017)


Writing as 'W. A. Harbinson'

    Elvis Presley: An illustrated biography (1975)

    The Illustrated Elvis (1976)

    Bronson!: A biographical portrait (1976)

    Evita!: A legend for the seventies (1977)

    George C.Scott: The Man, the Actor and the Legend (1977)

    The Life and Death of Elvis Presley (1977)

    Growing up with the Memphis Flash (with Kay Wheeler) (1994)

    Projekt UFO: The Case for Man-Made Flying Saucers (1995)

    Evita: Saint or Sinner? (1996)

    The Writing Game: Recollections of an Occasional Bestselling Author (2005)

    All at Sea on the Ghost Ship (2005)

    Beauty and the Beast:The story of Nastassja and Klaus Kinski (2011)

    Iconic Voices (2011)

    The Sun Also Sinks (2014)     Losing It? 75 and Still Counting (2106)        

Writing as 'Shaun Clarke'

    Behind Iraqi Lines: Soldier A SAS (1993)

    Heroes of the South Atlantic: Soldier B SAS (1993)

    Secret War in Arabia: Soldier C SAS (1993)

    Sniper Fire in Belfast: Soldier E SAS (1993)

    Guerrillas in the Jungle: Soldier F SAS (1993)

    The Desert Raiders: Soldier G SAS (1993)

    Counter-Insurgency in Aden: Soldier J SAS (1993)

    The Embassy Siege: Soldier L SAS (1994)

    Night Fighters in France: Soldier P SAS (1994)

    Death On Gibraltar: Soldier R SAS (1994)

    The Headhunters of Borneo: Soldier H SAS (1994)

    Into Vietnam: Soldier V SAS (1995)

    Terrorism On the North Sea: Marine A SBS (1995)

    The Exit Club (1996)

    SBS 3 Blitz Edition (1997)

    Dragon Light (1997)

    Underworld (1997)

    SAS 3-Blitz Edition (1997)

    Red Hand (1998)

    The Opium Road (1998)

    Operation Millennium (1999)

    Green Light (2000)

    Reverse Negative (2000)

    The Exit Club Book 1: The Originals (2014)

    The Exit Club Book 2: Bad Boys (2014)     The Exit Club Book 3: The Professionals (2014)     The Exit Club Book 4: Conspirators (2014)     The Exit Club Book 5: Old Comrades (2014)