W.A. Harbinson
One Thing to Know “Outstanding… a big novel… a panorama of England during the war… a remarkable feat of reconstruction.” Oxford Journal Inception “A great story, built up over a number of years, about a man’s inhuman search for scientific perfection and another’s search for him… The span of the novel is immense, with this first novel in the trilogy taking us from the turn of the century to 1946… Inception is simply brilliant… a gripping thriller backed by a panoramic history lesson.” Albedo  Phoenix “Harbinson’s formidable research and ingenious extrapolitions thereon are highly impressive. A massive prequel to The X-Files as written by Tom Clancy.” Time Out Genesis “A Herculean conspiracy epic, superbly written, crammed with food for thought. It’s a hit – and it should be.” Los Angeles Times “A powerful and imaginative novel that has a quite extraordinary impact… stunning… original… An extraordinary powerful tour de force, a truly epic novel.’ Book Buyer Revelation “It has the lot – love, horror, science fiction, political and religious intrigue involving the major religions, and an extraordinary story of the resurrection of a man hailed by those religions as the saviour of the world.” Bookseller “It’s a great idea and Harbinson makes it work wonderfully. A book with a difference that teases the imagination with its ingenuity.” Sunday Tribune The Crystal Skulls “Well grounded in W. A. Harbinson’s renowned ability to produce riveting fiction out of fascinating facts, The Crystal Skulls is a fabulous novel that roams widely across the globe to unravel, with great wit and terrifying credibility, one of history’s great mysteries.” No Limit For Charlie   “It is undeniably invested with a genuine power, a ghastly persuasiveness, when it is handled (as it is here) by a writer with a headlong gift for racy, slangy, remorselessly but convincingly foul-mouthed narrative, a Grundig ear for contemporary transatlantic speech,  a Kodak eye for the physical texture of modern living, for the way people behave in desperate action and sudden dying... You may loathe it, but while you’re deep in it, reading it, you can’t ignore it.”     - Douglas McVay, Panther Reader’s Report   Projekt UFO: The Case for Man-Made Flying Saucers “For sheer content and quantity, this book must score ten out of ten. It covers a multitude of topics including biblical encounters, airship scares, spinning discs, World War II sightings, UFO landings, UFOnauts, and much more. A very worthwhile addition to your stack of bedtime reading.” Encounters All At Sea on the Ghost Ship “Highly literate, stunningly evocative, often hilarious memoir of a lengthy voyage on a container ship made by an ageing, former bestselling author in search of a personal new horizon.” Freighter Cruises  The Writing Game: Recollections of an Occasional Bestselling Author “A graphic and detailed account of living a life and pursuing a career fraught with the possibilities of artistic and financial failure. Enhanced with superbly articulated accounts of his dealings with editors, other authors, and show business celebrities. The Writing Game is as entertaining as it is engaging, and a ‘must read’ memoir for anyone who contemplates embarking upon a professional writing career for themselves.” Midwest Book Review  Lagan River, Black Mountain Volume 1: The Long Slide Volume 2:  Divide and Rule In Lagan River, Black Mountain, W.A. Harbinson offers more, deeper, and better insights into this conflict and its roots than any dry historic treatise ever could… Lagan River, Black Mountain is a grand epic novel… should be the  Belfast novel, a modern, Northern Irish War and Peace… nigh on impossible to put down” Rainlore’s World: Music, Arts & Letters Shaun Clarke Underworld  ‘A high-octane mixture... the SAS, the IRA and organized crime are the explosive ingredients of Shaun Clarke’s latest thriller. Clarke grabs you by the throat in the opening pages and refuses to let go, never letting the pace or the tension flag for a minute.’     -Yorkshire Evening Post   ‘Well observed, sharply written... This is heart-pumping stuff.’     -Birmingham Post   A taut and bloody high-action thriller.’     -South Wales Argus Red Hand ‘In Underworld, his previous novel, Shaun Clarke presented us with a picture of the IRA gangs who since the ceasefire have turned to crime for easy money. Red Hand is the balancing act, the story of corrupt Protestants who come under Clarke’s searing scrutiny. Little wonder he brings to life so evocatively the suffering of a city.’        -Newcastle Journalist   ‘A high octane, heart-pumping read.’     -Paisley Daily Express   ‘With Ulster’s problems so often on our TV screens, the subject and setting for this novel won’t appeal to all, but I found it compelling stuff.’     -Manchester Evening News
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